Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Of My Favorites

Hey ladies! I have a couple of things to share with you today. It's just simple reviews of things that I use, day to day. First off...

I know I had a previous post with just the first base of this OPI blue color, but I got so bored this morning that I decided to add to my nails. The first blue that I applied was the lighter shade called "Ogre-the-top-blue" and then I got a circle sticker and placed it at the bottom of my nail so that only 1/3 was covered by the sticker. Then I simply painted over and removed the sticker before the nail polish becomes dry. The darker shade of blue is called "Yodel Me On My Cell." It has some dark sparkle to it and kind of reminds me of a peacock. This literally took 10 minutes! I can't wait to try this with more contrasting colors. 

Now I will be talking about Estée Lauder's blush.
Left to right (Soft Matte Bronzer, Nude Rose, Pink Kiss, Fresh Plum)

So I think this is very cute and it's worked pretty well for me. All the colors are practical except the Fresh Plum for some. It does not look as harsh as it may seem though. I love having this in my bag because it provides me with a wide range of blush's and there's always a color in there that I can use with whatever I wear. Also, when I went to wash my hands it was REALLY difficult to remove. This is great because I know I don't want my blush to fade or just brush off. Overall, Estée Lauder has satisfied me. 

I've seen a lot of talk about the new Baby Lips by Maybelline but I personally don't like it as much as Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm.
This product comes in a wider variety of color. I have Hibiscus which is like a Peachy/Salmon color. This product provides more color, but it also depends what tint you want. There are ones available that don't have any color at all. I feel like this provides more hydration than Baby Lips and looks better. The quality overall is better, but you do have to pay a higher price. This costs $5 but I find it completely worth it. 

Let me know what you girls think! 
xx Athina Marina 

oh hey! There's Cojo! 


  1. thanks so much for your lovely comment! that is the cutest dog i've ever seen, haha! so adorable. & re: your question, my shoes are actually surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in :)
    thanks again!


  2. is cojo a chihuahua? i have one too, her pic is in my about me section :) i love the color of thats burt's bees balm. i wasn't impressed with the maybelline baby lips either- will definitely be picking up 'hibiscus'. thanks for sharing :)

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