Friday, January 20, 2012

Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets have been around for a while now. They are simple and come in a large variety of colors and materials. They can range from $10 to over $500. These 5 are mine and I got them at two different places. Three of them are from Marshalls, the ones with only one bead encrusted in Swarovski crystals, and the other three are from a local jewelry store.

From left to right:
Blue Swarovski with Black Onix Beads: $15 from Marshalls
Black and White Swarovski Crystals: $50 from Giorgio's Jewelry
Gold Swarovski with Black Onix Beads: $15 from Marshalls
Large Blue Swarovski Crystal: $70 from Giorgio's Jewelry
Purple Swarovski with Glass Beads: $10 from Marshalls
Red Swarovski Crystal: $50 from Giorgio's Jewelry

I can wear them with anything, wherever I am going. That is what's great with them! Also, most of the time I wear 2-3. They always stand out. They are just simple and fun to wear. I would highly recommend getting some. They are easily found online for cheap if you search "Shamballa." 


  1. I love these, they are so pretty! I'll have to get them soon XD

  2. Sad thing is, my wife would probably love these, I just don't understand the appeal of a Massive, Awkward piece of jewelry.

    Nice Blog though!

    1. why are they awkward though?

      and Thank you!

  3. I love Shamballa bracelets, and I adore your purple one! You have a gorgeous collection.

    1. Here is something similar!

      & thank you so much!