Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orchids as decoration

I love decorating and one of the best ways to decorate is with flowers. 
This might be bothersome to some people because you have to take care of them, but I think it's worth the patience and effort. They are so beautiful if you invest your money wisely. I went to an orchid show this past summer and they had so many beautiful breeds and hybrids. It was located at Dearborn Farms in New Jersey. I was just passing by because I usually buy fresh salmon from there. This year I will make sure to bring a camera because they have the most beautiful displays! I had to get an orchid. I got a hybrid and I can't find one just like it. It was pricey! $75

Oh! by the way, that little handsome fellow is Cojo my Chihuahua. He just loves attention and loves. 

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