Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bags & Shoes

Good morning! So I REALLY wanted to show you guys my outfit today but I didn't have enough time this morning. Anyways, I'll just show you my favorite pair of wedges as Spring is right around the corner. Kind of.
So, these lovely shoes are by Diane Von Furstenberg. I did get them from Marshalls for the price of $70, but as I went online and I searched for them, they go for $200. I say I got a pretty good deal. I love them. They are so comfortable as well. You can dress them up, or wear them regularly. Definitely my favorite wedges. Highly practical and would totally recommend them. 

This is my Dooney & Bourke tote that I bought myself for Christmas. I wear it to class a lot just because I can fit a binder and folder in there. I also got this from Marshalls for $100, which is completely reasonable. Even though it's not all leather, it's practical because it never gets dirty. The fire-truck-red sticks out and I absolutely love it. 

Cojo says "Have a great day!" 
haha he can't really say that, but he's adorable.

xx Athina Marina 


  1. Great Blog! You have a new follower for sure
    Katie xx

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