Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring is right around the corner

Hello loves! I am so excited for Spring. All the bright colors put me in the greatest mood. Everything just feels so fresh. I couldn't help but start shopping. I went to Marshalls and this Spring coat caught my eye immediately and I picked it up.

I love the bursting pink with the stitched in pattern. It was definitely worth the $40. 

What are you mostly looking forward for this Spring?

Athina Marina 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello! :) This will be a different kind of post, just a little but more personal. As we all know, today is Valentine's Day! I'm not celebrating today because I have class until 8pm. booooo :/ Anyways, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend together in Hoboken, NJ and just relaxed. He got me some great stuff :)

We went to an orchid show near my house, and he bought me an orchid plant :) They are all so gorgeous and it was hard to pick which one to get. He eventually chose this one...
 I much prefer a plant rather than a bouquet of roses. I do not find roses pretty AT ALL compared to orchids. Anyways, a bouquet dies, a plant lives if you take care of it.

Mark ordered this and had it delivered to my house :) I needed a primer and he heard me rave about Smashbox primer when I had a sample of it.

He is so silly <3 

What are you doing for Valentine's? 

With love, Athina Marina

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute Blog Award!

Hello girls! This is my 3rd blog award and I must give a HUGE thank you to What Rebecca Said. She has some great posts! Go check her blog out! Once again, thank you for the award :) 

  • Link back to the person who awarded you
  • Answer award questions
  • Share something about yourself that you have never shared on your blog before
  • Award as many other blogs you think are worthy of this award

What is your go to make up product?
I am always looking for concealers as they are important for the base.

Favorite fashion trends of 2012?
I love the thick healed shoes. 

Favorite color?
Tiffany Blue <3 

What was the last song you listened to?
hm, I honestly do not remember haha... 

Cats or dogs? 

What's your middle name?
Marina Selena 

Something I have never shared before...
I like nerdy boys :) that have muscles under their sweater

Now onto passing this award!

Thank you again! :) 
Athina Marina 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails/Shoes!!!

Hello loves <3 as you know, Valentine's Day Weekend is here and I'm very excited! Not to be all gushy and mushy with my boyfriend, but to get dressed up and all :) That excites me far more. I think Valentine's Day isn't that special, and is just an excuse to go out to eat. Anyways, in this post, I will share with you two pairs of shoes that I'm debating between wearing. Then I will show you my nails !

These shoes are by Dolce Vita. I got them from Marshall's for $30. They are simple and cute! I do wish they came in different colors though. It would make the bow stand out if the shoe where black and the bow remain red. Oh well! I always feel like a cute present when wearing these. 

These pumps are by L.A.M.B. I love them... I also got them from Marshall's, but I paid $120 for them. 

Which shoes should I wear Ladies?!

I got really bored the other day and so I spent the whole day deciding how to paint my nails. I really don't like designs. I always like my nails simple. I went through my cabinet and got out all the pinks, glitter, and grey. 

I had a heart shaped glitter nail polish that would contrast well over the grey. I just painted on my shades of pink and then the silver glitter so that there is a heavy coat at the bottom and light toward the top. It was really easy! 

Cojo wishes you a happy Valentine's Day <3 ! 

How did you paint your nails for Valentine's Day? 
What shoes do you like the best, Red Bow? or LAMB pumps?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jewelry Love

Good morning loves! This is going to be a quick post before I go off into class. Wish me luck on my Physics quiz! :( Anyways, I have here two of my favorite necklaces. I don't wear them often because I always forget to put on jewelry in the morning!

Juicy Couture Butterfly Necklace

I probably wear this one the most often. I think it is just so cute and simple. I got this as a gift from a friend. I was surprised that Juicy Couture made jewelry without having their logo everywhere! This is perfect with a dress or a simply top.

Swarovski Necklace

I have been hunting down a necklace that looks like coral or a branch for a while now. I remember going into a shop and seeing one for $300 and it was plastic! One day I went into the Swarovski outlet and they had this precious necklace on SUPER CLEARANCE for $75. I snagged it up immediately. It's very sparkly <3 

Cojo in a bowtie!
What's your favorite jewelry to wear? 

Thank you for reading <3
Athina Marina

Monday, February 6, 2012

My face is worth...

Hey ladies! :) I finally got some time to snap some pictures and make a post. So this post will be about what I use on my face daily. 

To start off... 
Face All Over
Visible Lift Foundation by L'Oreal - $9
Trublend Minerals Bronzer by Covergirl - $10
Total: $19

Healthy Skin Blends by Neutrogena- $7
Estée Lauder Blush Palette - $40
Total: $47

Naked Palette & Primer Potion by Urban Decay - $50
Le Kohl Pencil Eyeliner by L'Oreal - $9
Lash Blast Luxe by CoverGirl - $9
Total: $68

For a total of: $134

Not bad at all! I definitely do not use all high end makeup. It's crazy to think that I use this much for my face, even though some people use over $500! The price will go up in the next week because I just tried out Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and I loved it! So, that will be my Valentines Day gift :) 

This was a lot of fun and I encourage you gals to try this out! 
What do you use on your face daily? 
Are you surprised at the price? 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello loves! So today I had a tedious day in New York City. I had to go to the Greek Embassy to get all the paperwork in to renew my Greek passport. I had to wait 5 hours for them to type in 5 things into the computer and then stamp a piece of paper! I got to go to this cute bakery though where I got a Pom drink since their main beverages were wines. Strange right? Wine at a bakery.

While I was waiting for those 5 hours I had a lot of time to observe the room and I noticed a secret door!  I probably spent a total of an hour wondering what was behind it, and trying to open the door. 
Then I went on and had to buy some beauty related product. I got the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm. The color is "Flame"
It's not too bad. It's very annoying to apply because its more like your coloring in your lips with marker. I loved the color and it does last ! Just make sure your lips are not chapped at all when you apply. Overall, I don't think I will be purchasing this again but I do not think I wasted my money. 

So, I don't think I will have another post up in a while. Maybe a week? I just have a lot on my plate right now! I have a lot of things to look forward to though!

Next week:
  1. Orchid show photos!
  2. Naked Palette Review
  3. Possible Giveaway?! Who knows!

Well, thank you all :) Have a great day!